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Wear your Feminism this Women’s Month…

Meet T-Shirts for Change, and the #FeministTeeProject. More than a simple retail product, it is a movement aimed to bring men and women together for women’s rights, so that they can say they were there, did that, and got the T shirt! The T shirts themselves are elegant, and come in black or white, and in men and women’s sizes. The word “Feminist”, or if you prefer “Wild Feminist” is boldly printed on the front in monochrome. The range also includes warm, comfortable unisex sweatshirts. But where many projects of this nature are vague about where the funds go, T-Shirts for Change are absolutely direct about where they send R100 from every sale. The Frida Hartley Shelter for Women.

There is a bigger need than ever to put focus on the plight of women in South Africa. Organisations and shelters are doing their best to raise awareness, but the greatest change will begin when ordinary people start to talk about it. The #FeministTeeProject is a brilliant way to ignite conversation, and invite the kind of talks and debates that are so desperately needed.

And why the word “Feminist?” According to T-shirts for Change, this simple, and audacious statement is not just about joining a growing movement of protectors. The funds that are raised go directly to help women who have been victims of an outdated social system. Whether they are destitute due to abuse, neglect, or lack of support, The Frida Hartley Shelter offers a chance to start over. Through funds from the project, women are given a home, and empowered through work and employment programs. The ultimate goal for all who stay at the shelter is that, once independent, these women may find their own voices again, and plough back into their lives and communities.

How to get one is a user-friendly retail site. Once you have selected the shirts you wish to buy, you can pay directly online.

Make a difference today!

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