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In 2014, Mmabatho Konyane (originally from Zeerust in the Limpopo Province) was living with her boyfriend, the father of her six-month-old baby when he was brutally murdered. Jobless, and without support for her and her unborn child, she was given two months by her landlord to make a plan, or end up homeless. In January 2015, Frida Hartley was able to offer shelter, and the service of their internal creche while Mmabatho attended skills training. Until August 2015, Mmabatho attended Khulisa training through Taste Holdings. The training program starts with a five-day intensive workshop called Changing Lanes. It provides candidates with tools for the intellectual, moral and emotional skills that they will need once employed. According to Mmabatho, the Changing Lanes programme helped her to look at her life positively, and approach the working world with the right attitude.“The training helped me a lot. It helped me to heal.” The workshop is followed by a 5-week period of intensive additional training which benefits students in both the short and long term, to find work in the hospitality industry. This is significant because Hospitality is the second largest employment sector in South Africa.


Mmbabatho now works at Pizza Hut, where she operates in various capacities as a pizza maker, cashier, floor manager and stock monitor. She dreams of becoming a GM, or to work at head-office in the future. In her spare time, she loves to read, and spend time with children. She always wears a smile, and no matter what has befallen her, she has remained determined not to be a victim of her circumstances. Through hard work and determination, she has become able to support her and her daughter independently.


Mmbabatho is a glowing example of the dignity and personal growth that we foster and encourage at Frida Hartley.