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At our fullest capacity per month, we can accommodate 40 women and children. It costs us R157 per person, per day. The money donated is used solely for the Frida Hartley Shelter, and all the beneficiaries are 100% from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

Many women who first come to the shelter have very few possessions or resources. Adult and children’s clothes, blankets, nappies, toiletries, sanitary products and cleaning agents are some of the donated products that the shelter requires on a monthly basis. We also seek corporate support in the form of job training programmes, internships and employment opportunities.

The Frida Hartley Shelter relies on the generosity of the community to continue to support and build the lives and self-esteem of destitute and abused women and children.




Upon getting back on their feet and finding employment, we understand that it’s not easy for the women to quickly reintegrate into society. This is mainly due to the threat of financial instability as bills like rentals and utilities can be overwhelming, especially on minimum wage. Life in Johannesburg is costly and more needs to be done to ensure that the women don’t transition back into the life they came from.  As an organisation, when we realised that our care is needed beyond one’s stay at FHS, the Affordable Housing Project was the answer.


Instead of taking the women and children out of our system, we are extending our support in the form of a safe haven that is affordable. The women will transition from FHS into our Affordable Housing Project. We want the structure to be different. A standard AHP unit will be an own key lock-up-and-go consisting of a bedroom, kitchenette, bathroom and toilet. This ensures that they still benefit from FHS, but with a gist of independence.


When FHS turns 100 next year (December 2022), we want to be able to accommodate 100 women by then. As such, we really want to start as soon as possible. A lot that needs to be done and we are welcoming partners that wish to come on board this project (see attached concept design).

Babies and children
Babies and children
  • Baby formula: Nestle Nan / Lactogen / Infacare / Nestle Nido 1, 2 & 3 

  • Disposable nappies: S – XL 

  • Baby wipes  

  • Barrier cream

  • Vaseline

  • Aqueous cream – fragrance free

  • Hand sanitiser

  • Teething gel

  • Honey for children’s coughs and colds

  • Milton liquid bottle steriliser 

  • Clothing and shoes for babies and children under 5 years

  • Educational toys for children under 5 years

  • Soft toys for babies

  • Toiletries for babies and children under 5 years

  • Warm winter clothing for babies and children under 5 years (long sleeved vests, jerseys, socks, jackets, caps, leggings for girls, pants)

  • Baby blankets

  • Cot makeovers (mattresses, pillow, bedding, mobile)

  • Baby Bags

  • Tinned food 

  • Long life products; pasta, rice, sugar beans, assorted cereals , tea, coffee, sugar, sunflower oil, long life milk, flour, maize meal, etc.)

  • Chicken, meat, fish

  • Bread, sandwich toppings (margarine, peanut butter, jam, fish paste, polony, cheese, etc.)

  • Eggs

  • Spices (soups, beef and chicken stock, salt)

  • Frozen and fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Bread

  • Assorted concentrated juices

  • Snack for children (soft chips, biscuits and juice)

If you are a grocer or supermarkets large quantities are welcome

Workshop materials
Workshop materials for Women
  • Pens

  • Pencils

  • Calculators

  • Permanent kokis

  • A5 exercise books (soft covers)

  • A5 notebooks

  • Flipchart paper

  • Coloured paper

  • Coloured cardboard

  • File dividers

  • Filing boxes or cabinets for archive casefiles.

  • Journals for the women to use.

  • Filing plastic folders for women to store their notes and homework from skills programmes.

  • Photocopy paper

  • Beads (variety)

  • Wool for knitting and accessories

  • Ladies toiletries (soap, face cloths, underarm roll-on, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, sanitary towels, body lotion, face cream, toilet paper, pocket tissues)

  • Clothing and shoes for ladies (size S to XL) Shoe size (4 to 8)

  • Job opportunities (cleaning, tea-ladies, reception etc.)

  • Mother and/or Child outings (Zoo, Movies, museums, etc)

  • One of our biggest challenges is having transport to take our children to school / clinic appointments and outings and transport for the ladies to the hospital for appointments and training.

Furniture and Bedding
Furniture & Beddings
  • Colourful mats

  • Blinds in reception/office area

  • Blackboard paint for crèche wall

Training and development
Training & development
  • Staff/ training and development

  • Computer training / administration and receptionist courses

  • Bursaries

  • Sewing and knitting lessons

  • Bead and jewellery making courses

  • Entrepreneurial training

General items
General items
  • Household products (washing powder, bleach, Handy Andy, dishwashing liquid, floor polish, furniture polish)

  • Brooms, mops, dish cloths

  • Black bags

  • 6 wall clocks

  • A4 penlight batteries

  • Small appliances (Kettles, Toasters, Microwave oven, CD player

  • Flat-screen TV for crèche

  • DVD player for crèche

  • PC, keyboard, screen

  • Gardening maintenance (Lawn mower and other garden tools)

  • 2 heaters

  • 10m electrical extension

  • Vacuum machine


Over the years Frida Hartley Shelter has received donations in the form of cash or products from the following donors. You can find the donations made on our social media pages.

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